At House of Cherub we create original, timeless and tasteful décor and furniture for the young and young at heart. Every piece is designed and handcrafted with love by us, a husband and wife team, on the Sunshine Coast.


Creative girl meets technical boy. Sparks fly as imagination ignites. Together we build a home by the sea, a family and a dream.

Welcome to House of Cherub - where Imagineering meets Parenthood! 

It all started because our daughter loves to receive mail and was disappointed when all our letterbox ever had was bills or junk mail. We created her own letterbox to brighten her days with pictures and notes that make communication so much fun!

You may remember a handcrafted childhood treasure. Our ethos connects back to that simpler time; to celebrate the wonder of childhood; building a solid foundation for a happy, healthy and imaginative family and future.

Our products offer the gift of connection: to the past; to the natural world and to each other. 

We were proud finalists in the Etsy Awards 2016 for our Classic Letterbox design.

Slogans can sometimes be tacky but 'Wholehearted Home Décor'  resonates with us.